Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hand Sewn Little Girl's Clothes

Sewing two cute clothes for my little girl by hand sure makes me appreciate that sewing machines were invented. Or that you can buy them at the store ready made if you don't know how to sew. It is amazing how the women back in the hey days made their dresses by hand. It takes time and patience. 

I picked up these two vintage patterns during my rummage sale shopping and I wanted to use it and make some clothes for my little girl. Fortunately, we made a trip out of town, so I bought some fabrics. Well, the store that we were at didn't have a variety of fabrics to choose from, so I ended up with these so called Super Stax. There were 8 pre-cut pieces of fabrics in different colors and prints and I made two things out of it so far. I have a few pieces of fabrics left that I can still make one wrap around skirt for my little girl. I have seen some really cute fabrics online that I would love to order one of these days, so I can start making clothes for my kids for the fall. 

A 3T Romper I made using a vintage Romper pattern. I can actually make one with long pants for the colder months, which is an awesome thing about the pattern I got. I need to go fabric shopping one of these days.

 photo IMG_5175_zpse3c460d9.jpg

 photo IMG_5176_zps24f50ae7.jpg

You can tell it is hand sewn by the buttonhole. Not perfect, but I did my best to do a clean hand sewn romper. 
 photo IMG_5180_zps77258136.jpg

 photo IMG_5182_zps0190f2ac.jpg

With this dress, my girl can actually wear it differently. I mean, the front can be the back- side or the back can be worn front-side.

 photo IMG_5194_zpsdda06788.jpg

 photo IMG_5195_zps69a75b60.jpg

 photo IMG_5190_zps0b1284d1.jpg

What do you think? Which of these two is your favorite? I am excited to be making some clothes again because my girl enjoys wearing the clothes I make for her. And while she still does, I better take advantage of it. Have a great one! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rummage Sale Haul: 63 Items For $4

I was thrilled when I learned that the church is having another rummage sale this month because they are wanting to get rid of all their summer clothing and restock for more winter items. Therefore, they had A Dollar A Sack sale. And this is kind of dangerous for me because I could blow up my budget thinking everything that goes in a bag is a dollar and that's dirt cheap. But, I am glad I didn't do such a big damage and I came home with four grocery bags full junk. I mean treasures! 

I got up so early and I think I was the very first customer that showed up. If there was some kind of an award that says the most punctual customer, it could have been me. (LOL) But I like being early though, so I don't have to fight with the crowd and I can take my time going through racks and racks of clothing. It is peaceful that way. 

Anyway, let's move on with my rummage sale shopping outfit, which is just very casual with a shirt, polka dot skirt, and my new favorite ever so comfy Esprit shoes. And my brown bag that I also got from the rummage sale. I wore a skirt because it allows me to try on some of the pants while shopping because they don't have a fitting room in there. That is one of my tricks when you go thrift shopping. 

 photo IMG_5073_zpsd6a4c41f.jpg

 photo IMG_5068_zps6f4d4748.jpg
Shirt: Men's Hanes shirt (Walmart)
Vintage Polka Dot Skirt: thrift find and altered
Shoes: Esprit via 6pm
Bag: Vintage and thrift find

 photo IMG_5072_zps04d8c4a4.jpg

 photo IMG_5073_zps1ac85fd3.jpg

 photo IMG_5084_zps9de114ca.jpg

I am so glad that this time I found quite a few clothes for my kids and not just for me. I even got a few items for my husband. It is kind of hard to find something for my husband because a lot of the clothes are way too big for him. 

 photo IMG_5076_zps54419747.jpg

 photo IMG_5077_zps01164c48.jpg

 photo IMG_5078_zps7fb5d703.jpg

Florals are what's happening right now and I was thrilled when I found this Vintage dress at the rummage sale. I am even more thrilled that I didn't pay a lot of money for it. I actually found a dress online that is similar to my Vintage dress and it is from ASOS except the other dress is a V-Neck, but still of the same style. 

 photo IMG_5091_zps4dc9223d.jpg

 photo IMG_5087_zps07e3b1ed.jpg

 photo IMG_5088_zps3c1b90a6.jpg

 photo IMG_5083_zps4c6284d9.jpg

 photo IMG_5082_zps967b5287.jpg

 photo IMG_5081_zpsb35df822.jpg

Did I say I like my stripes or my Nautical Inspired shirts? I found these two Vintage shirts (below) at the rummage sale and even though it is a size Medium, I didn't care. Because when it comes to thrift shopping, you have to consider that these clothes are pre-loved and pre-owned (fancy word for USED), which means they have already shrunk. 

I didn't really care for what size the tag says, I just picked up whatever interests me, and I figured if it is too big, I can always alter it myself. That's a wonderful thing when you know how to sew. Even if you know just the basic of sewing. 

 photo IMG_5103_zps58795500.jpg

 photo IMG_5101_zpsc870cf8f.jpg

 photo IMG_5094_zps82d83495.jpg
How about you, have you been thrift shopping lately?