Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recycle: From A Shoe Box To A Doll House

Do you guys remember the last time we recycled some boxes into toys? Well, here is another contribution to recycling some boxes. Like I had mentioned before, I have been saving a whole bunch of boxes, so the kids and I can recycle them. My kids are always interested in creating something from a box that would otherwise end up in a trash if we don't do something with it. I had promised my little girl that I would make her a doll house and I finally did.

We went to the store the other day and thank goodness I remembered to pick up a couple of fun and colorful duct tapes. Aren't those duct tapes amazing? The next time we are out of town I am picking up more duct tapes in different colors and prints for our next recycle projects. 

I wasn't going to share this recycling project with you just yet because I wanted to make a couple more of doll houses, but I got so excited I couldn't wait. I want to make a village of doll houses made out of nothing but shoe boxes and duct tapes. But I will share with you some photos once I have all the other houses made. Plus, I think my little man wants me to make him a war tank out of some boxes. We will see how that goes. 

 photo IMG_6113_zps058bf14d.jpg

 photo IMG_6105_zps9450b108.jpg

 photo IMG_6102_zps1b7d0717.jpg
This doll house could surely use some fancy curtains. That's next on the to-do list.

 photo IMG_6104_zps5b7313d2.jpg

 photo IMG_6103_zpsf5c7c1bf.jpg

 photo IMG_6115_zps18cacb16.jpg

Materials used:
- A Shoe Box
- Fun and Colorful Duct Tapes
- A Sharpie 
(I used the Sharpie to paint the front of the house black. You can use whatever color you want)
- Exacto Knife 
(for cutting out windows and door)

Note: You can also spray paint the house. It is up to you whatever you feel like doing. I sure have learned something from making this first doll house. Since I am not using a spray paint, it is best to cover the parts of the house with the duct tape I want first before I start assembling all the pieces. It was a bit tricky to stick the duct tape on all the corners of the doll house. 

 photo IMG_6116_zpse1f0895e.jpg

 photo IMG_6107_zps3c733e51.jpg

 photo IMG_6109_zps855c3af7.jpg

 photo IMG_6113_zps5413ef54.jpg

 photo IMG_6111_zps5fc6f62f.jpg
The dollhouse comes with a balcony, except I forgot to make a door that leads to it. Oh well! And don't forget the Chimney! 

 photo IMG_6119_zpsf25cdf87.jpg

 photo IMG_6120_zps8ad69130.jpg

 photo IMG_6123_zpsf09a17f3.jpg

And who says a doll house is only for dolls? 
If you're my little girl, a helicopter, a car, an Angry bird, an orange monkey, and all kinds of tiny hot wheels can be in the doll house too. I guess I need to make another one that is big enough to accommodate the toys. 

 photo IMG_6126_zpsf98a2832.jpg

 photo IMG_6128_zpse881470a.jpg

Have you recycled lately? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Family Time: Ayres Natural Bridge Park- Wyoming

T'was a beautiful day of our visit to the Ayres Natural Bridge Park, not far from where we live here in Wyoming. What a perfect time to be out and about before the weather starts to drop again. The sky was so blue, the leaves have turned golden yellow, and the weather was just right. We didn't have to wear our coats or long sleeves and the warmth of the sun felt really good. It was a gorgeous autumn in Wyoming. 

The Ayres Natural Bridge Park is not a big place, but it is absolutely beautiful. Who would have thought that an area like this actually existed in the middle of nowhere? We didn't know until then. From the looks of it from the interstate, you can't really tell that a piece of sanctuary does exist in this area. The park is surrounded by red rocks and water, there are several picnic areas under the shade of trees, there are a couple of playgrounds, hiking trails, fishing areas, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, public restrooms and one accessible for handicap only.  And if you feel like taking your RV and camp out, they also have a designated area by the water and by the natural bridge. What a lovely setting! The entrance is free and no pets allowed. Or else you will be charged if you don't follow the park's rules and regulations. Respect the park! 

 photo IMG_6013_zpsa6bf6786.jpg

 photo IMG_6019_zpsbd434636.jpg

 photo IMG_5964_zpsb096451d.jpg

 photo IMG_5970_zps03d35796.jpg

 photo IMG_5972_zpsa560e7e0.jpg

 photo IMG_5977_zps88ec6738.jpg

 photo IMG_5982_zpscbe04e6f.jpg

 photo IMG_5973_zps8eb3028e.jpg

 photo IMG_5975_zps2b563c16.jpg
Parking Lot

 photo IMG_6010_zps4c73630e.jpg

 photo IMG_6014_zps03bdbc0e.jpg
(This angle of the Natural Bridge looks kind of like a huge ship)

You want to know a fascinating story about this area?  For the Indians who first lived in this country, they thought that the natural bridge was home to an evil spirit. It may be a beautiful place, but for them, it was a deadly zone. This legend began when a brave Indian had been struck by lightning and killed while hunting. The Indians were afraid of this area and would not even come to this place. When white settlers learned about it, they used the bridge as their place to camp or escape from Indian attacks. 

 photo IMG_6015_zpsd8a7ac17.jpg

 photo IMG_6006_zps98f2b33f.jpg

 photo IMG_6023_zps33c3b198.jpg

 photo IMG_6017_zpsd4cf0d69.jpg

 photo IMG_5978_zps60277c23.jpg

 photo IMG_6002_zps64b0ff30.jpg

 photo IMG_5994_zps0c054bcc.jpg

 photo IMG_5993_zps007a6300.jpg

Watch out for those nasty poison ivy! 

 photo IMG_5979_zpsc1e0408b.jpg

 photo Kids_zpsda31956c.jpg

 photo IMG_5987_zps6d3f0ef0.jpg

 photo IMG_5986_zpsf1fbe71a.jpg

 photo IMG_6084_zpsbd1b6b0b.jpg

 photo IMG_6071_zps1d63b3f5.jpg

 photo IMG_6038_zpsade66bc3.jpg

 photo IMG_6046_zps5d36ebd0.jpg

 photo IMG_6070_zps75c3aee7.jpg

Look up and admire the beautiful sky. That golden yellow color against the blue sky is gorgeous! I love the beautiful colors of nature. 

 photo IMG_6056_zpsbe5cbe0a.jpg

 photo Kids1_zps91da7a11.jpg

 photo IMG_6026_zps83116515.jpg

 photo IMG_6034_zps323d30b8.jpg

 photo IMG_5984_zpse34f304e.jpg

 photo IMG_6083_zps2edf21ea.jpg

 photo IMG_6060_zpsdd36f836.jpg

 photo IMG_6058_zpsdabca939.jpg

 photo IMG_6087_zps6ab67b29.jpg

 photo IMG_6089_zps86e47886.jpg

I am glad we made it this year because the place will be close next month. Next time, we are bringing some lunch with us for a picnic and our kids can enjoy some more water time in the shallow water of the LaPrele Creek. What a hidden gem off of the highway. 

Next time you happen to be around the area, don't forget to check out the Ayres Natural Bridge Park. The place may be small, but it is a well-managed park. It is a perfect place for those who are photo enthusiasts or just looking for a peaceful and relaxing place to be in. You won't be disappointed. It is worth the drive. Ayres Natural Bridge Park is one of Wyoming's Pride! 

Location: 448 County Road 13, Douglas, WY 82633
Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. April – October